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At Schomp Subaru, we are dedicated to making a positive impact in our community. Through partnerships with organizations like Make-A-Wish Colorado, Paws on the Ground, and Project Helping, we address critical needs and create lasting change. From granting life-changing wishes for children facing critical illnesses to supporting animal welfare through adoption events, our collaborations exemplify our commitment to community engagement. Together, we strive to uplift, inspire, and foster a stronger, more compassionate community, one partnership at a time.

Arapahoe Community College

We are thrilled to collaborate with Arapahoe Community College (ACC), a renowned educational institution committed to empowering students and fostering excellence. Our partnership with ACC originated a few years ago, driven by a shared vision of promoting technician training and recruitment in our community. Since then, our collaboration has flourished, making a significant impact on both our company and the college. Through our partnership, we have dedicated resources and support to ACC’s Strum Collaboration Center, contributing over $250,000 towards the facility’s advancement. This state-of-the-art center serves as a hub for innovation, skill development, and industry-focused education. By investing in the Strum Collaboration Center, we aim to enhance opportunities for students and professionals in our region, fostering the growth of a talented and qualified workforce. Another vital aspect of our partnership is our joint participation in the Share the Love Campaign. This initiative allows us to join forces with Arapahoe Community College, amplifying our efforts to make a positive impact in the community. Together, we work towards common goals, leveraging our resources, expertise, and passion to drive change and create lasting benefits.

Make a Wish Colorado

We are proud to collaborate with Make-A-Wish Colorado, an organization dedicated to granting life-changing wishes for children facing critical illnesses. Our partnership with Make-A-Wish Colorado began last year when we joined forces on their inspiring “Wish Store” initiative in conjunction with Children’s Hospital. Since then, our collaboration has flourished, driven by our shared commitment to making a positive impact in our community! Throughout the year, we engage in various activations alongside Make-A-Wish Colorado, including their transformative Wish Store initiative and their heartwarming Wish Letter project. These initiatives allow us to directly contribute to the fulfillment of wishes, bringing joy, hope, and smiles to the faces of children and their families. Additionally, our connection with Make-A-Wish Colorado holds a special place in our hearts, as one of our own staff members was once a “Wish Kid” and experienced firsthand the immense impact of a granted wish. Through our partnership with Make-A-Wish Colorado, we continue to create remarkable success stories and lasting impacts. Together, we are fostering a brighter future for these courageous children, spreading compassion, and inspiring hope within our community.

Paws on the Ground

We are delighted to partner with Paws on the Ground, an organization that shares our deep commitment to animal welfare as part of our “Subaru Loves Pets” initiative. The partnership with Paws on the Ground emerged naturally, driven by their unwavering dedication to caring for animals in need. Through our collaboration, we work hand in paw with Paws on the Ground to organize and host puppy adoption events at our Subaru dealership. These events provide a platform for adorable and deserving puppies to find loving homes, creating heartwarming connections between families and their new furry companions! In addition to the adoption events, we proudly host an annual community gathering called “Bark a Boo,” where we celebrate the presence and impact of pets in our lives. This event serves as an opportunity for the community to learn about the incredible work of Paws on the Ground, while also providing an avenue for individuals to adopt animals from their shelter and support their meaningful cause.

Project Helping

We are proud to collaborate with Project Helping, an organization dedicated to promoting mental health and making a positive impact on the lives of individuals in our community. Our partnership with Project Helping spans several years, fueled by our shared admiration for their mission. Through our collaboration, we actively participate in several events organized by Project Helping, including the engaging Putt Putt for Prevention. These events provide an opportunity for our team and the community to come together, raise awareness about mental health, and contribute to the cause. By joining forces with Project Helping, we demonstrate our commitment to supporting mental well-being in a meaningful and tangible way. Additionally, our partnership extends to assisting Project Helping in assembling and distributing their Kynd Kits. These kits are an essential resource, designed to provide individuals with the tools and support they need for their mental health journey. By partnering with Project Helping on this initiative, we contribute to their ongoing efforts to reach and positively impact a broader audience.


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