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  • TJ Joyce
    General Manager
    (720) 809-8868

    Since joining the Schomp organization back in 2009, I've had the pleasure of serving in several different capacities across all three of our current stores. Getting to know each brand's unique niche and meeting the clients and employees at each dealership has truly been a blessing. Away from work, I spend as much time with my family as I can. My wife teaches Kindergarten, and we are fortunate enough to have both my son and daughter attend the same school. I have a true passion for the game of baseball and, come fall, can be found at the stadium or glued to the TV every time our Denver Broncos take the field. Here at work, my goal is to help improve the experience for both customers and advisors, resulting in a one-of-a-kind experience that only the Schomp organization can provide.

  • Jin Pak
    General Sales Manager
    (720) 809-8868

    Jin was born in Seoul, South Korea. He moved to Guam when he was three. He moved to Colorado when he was 14 years old and can still speak Korean. Prior to working at Schomp he worked at Mile High Honda and Acura, McDonald Hyundai and Tynan's Volkswagen.

    Jin has 2 little girls, Avrie and Kylre. In his spare time he loves snowboarding, hiking and anything to do with the mountains. His favorite sports team is the Denver Broncos.

  • Steve Katuzney
    Sales Manager
    (720) 809-8868

    Hi, my name is Steve and I was born and raised in Meriden, Connecticut. I LOVE being here in Colorado and I am lucky to work for a company like Schomp Subaru. When I'm not at work you can find me spending time with my wife Heather, and our two boys, Jacob and Joshua!!!!

  • Mo Tvrtkovic
    Sales Manager
    (720) 809-8868

    Hello, my name is Mustafa but I go by "Mo". I am originally from Bosnia and moved to Colorado in 1999 to work on my American Dream. In 2002, I applied to work here and have been in the industry ever since.

    In addition to speaking English, I also know German & Bosnian. When I am not at work, I love to be outdoors. I pride myself on being a closet nerd, so feel free to talk to me about anything and everything.

    My passion is being able to enable others to make a decision based on the knowledge & confidence I bring out in people. People buy from people they can connect with! I can be that person during your car-buying experience here at Schomp Subaru.

  • Kyle Junek
    Sales Manager

    I have been with Schomp Automotive since 2014. I was on our corporate training team for a while before coming back to the sales side to become a Senior Client Advisor. I grew up around Milwaukee, Wisconsin most of my life. My love of cheese and beer is in my DNA.  I served in the Army for three years working with the Patriot Missile system. I was lucky enough to be stationed in Germany and got to travel lots of Europe. I spent many years working in the casino industry working my way up from a blackjack dealer up to a table games shift manager. In my off time, I enjoy spending time with my cats, going to sporting events, and participating in obstacle races.

  • David Limb
    Sales Manager
    (720) 809-8868

    I'm David Sims, and I was born and raised right here in Aurora, Colorado. This is my first stint in the Automotive Industry, I started here in 2019. I chose Schomp Subaru as the place to start my automotive career because I firmly believe in Schomp's One Price. One Person. One Hour.® sales philosophy, and I've always loved Subaru as a brand. I'm very loyal to them specifically, and I thought there was no better idea than to be an advocate for the brand myself! Prior to Schomp, I managed 3 separate Waterway Carwash locations.

    In my free time, I play hockey, drive my Subaru, and spend time with friends. I am most passionate about Hockey and cars. I love everything about both topics, whether that being playing or watching hockey, or driving or working on cars! My scar on my left eye is from hockey, (but you should've seen the other guy)...just kidding. I was actually hit in the face with a hockey puck. Come experience what Subaru has to offer for yourself with the Symmetrical AWD system and Eyesight features to keep you and your family safe!

  • Matthew Castellano
    Subaru Lead Portfolio Advisor
    (720) 809-8868

  • Ron Hall
    Fleet Manager
    (720) 809-8868

  • Bernadette Brown
    Portfolio Coordinator
    (720) 809-8868

    Being the guest relations manager at Schomp BMW requires me to think on my feet and be prepared to ensure each guest I encounter feels valued.

    Throughout my professional career, I have worked for several large corporations (IBM, Banana Republic, Toyota), but at Schomp BMW I became quickly aware that Lisa Schomp has built a company of great integrity. The entire staff at Schomp truly cares about satisfying and retaining our clientele. We are honored to earn your business!

    I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I received a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Human Resources and Management from NMSU. I'm a lifelong member of Delta Zeta sorority, and recently advised collegiate members at The University of Denver. I have been married to my college sweetheart for 30 years and together we have three beautiful children as well as a grandson and granddaughter.

  • Richie Palmer
    Senior Client Advisor, Certified Mentor
    (720) 809-8868

    My name is Richard, but I prefer to be called Richie. I am from Middlebrough, England and moved here to CO in 2013. In 2020, I joined the automotive industry at Schomp Subaru as a Client Advisor. Before this, I did photography - product, wedding, and landscapes mostly. My favorite Subaru model is the Forrester Sport, for the design and visibility. Some of my hobbies include golf and soccer. 

  • Dru Larson
    Client Advisor
    (720) 809-8868

    Hello, my name is Dru and I am a Colorado native. I grew up in Centennial and then attended the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. Before joining the Schomp Subaru team I worked in real-estate with my father at Remax. In my free time, I play in a men's lacrosse league, snowboard, bike ride, ski, and try anything outdoors. In the fall you can usually find me supporting and rooting for the DU Pioneers lacrosse team. I would love to see them win their second NCAA Championship. I also enjoy attending church on Sundays and growing my faith.

  • Phillip Trujillo
    Client Advisor

    I go by both Phil or Phillip, but I am pretty open to fun nicknames such as Phil of the Future, Philly Cheese Steak, Filiberto, or any nickname you can think of that you may think of! I was born in Las Cruces, NM but spent most of my life in Rio Rancho, NM. I moved to Colorado in 2019 and I love it so far. I was in Colorado Springs for a year and just recently moved to Denver in June 2020. I got into the Automotive industry in July of 2020, and I'm very grateful to be here.

  • Michael Berkowitz
    Client Advisor
    (720) 809-8868

    Hello, I'm Michael and I was born and Raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I moved here to Colorado in June of 2019. This is my first stint in the automotive industry, I've been in the hospitality industry since I was 14 working in hotels and restaurants. I'm a fan of the Subaru Ascent - it's versatile, spacious and can compete with any SUV in the market. When I'm not working, I enjoy cooking, golfing, and hunting for rare and allocated whiskey.

  • Stephanie Locrocchio
    Client Advisor

  • Ebenezer Djaleta
    Client Advisor
    (720) 809-8868

  • Alex Lomeli
    Client Advisor

    My name is Alejandro, but I prefer to be called Alex. I am a Colorado native, fluent in speaking both Spanish and English. I have been in and out of the automotive industry and have previously worked for Infinity as a lube tech, as well as Discount Tire as a technician. Some of my previous jobs also include working as a Solution Specialist for Verizon Wireless. My favorite Subaru is the WRX because I have always loves sportscars and Subaru has a special place in my heart because of their AWD. When I am not working, I am a gamer; I have been playing video games my whole life. I was actually on a Pro team for Call of Duty at an earlier age. 

    One thing I would like my customers to know is I have a habit where I love to learn, if there's anything you can educate me on im always happy to learn! Even if you just have a fun fact feel free to share it! im a very open minded person so I am always happy to listen.

  • Irena Milasinovic
    Client Advisor
    (720) 809-8868

  • Nathaniel King
    Client Advisor

  • Noah Meyer
    Client Advisor
    (720) 809-8868

  • Adonis Muminovic
    Client Advisor

  • Connor Hallett
    Client Advisor

  • Yoseph Albouri
    Client Advisor

    Hello, my name is Yoseph Albouri, and I was born in Saudi Arabia. I spent most of my young life between Houston, TX and Denver, CO until 2006 when I moved here permanently. Before joining Schomp Automotive in 2015, I managed a restaurant, then an ice rink, and I also used to be an automotive parts runner. In my spare time, I like to wrench on my racecar and attend racing events all over Colorado, including Time Attack and Open Lapping Days. I've been married since September of 2017. When I'm not working on my car, I enjoy spending quality time outdoors with my wife Kaylee and our black lab, Tex!

  • Eric Zierk
    Client Advisor

  • William Quiggle
    Client Advisor

  • Michael Reynolds
    Client Advisor
    (720) 809-8868

  • Michael Milano
    Client Advisor

  • Viviana Kell
    Express Service Advisor
    (818) 485-7480

  • Curtis Hayden
    Client Advisor
    (678) 943-3892

  • Alexander Main
    Client Advisor
    (773) 430-1106

  • Emma Reyes
    Client Advisor
    (720) 965-0570

  • David Bessey
    Client Advisor
    (253) 312-7022

  • Jeremiah Knutson
    Service Advisor

  • Outhay Cachat
    Encore Delivery Specialist
    (720) 809-8868

    My name is Outhay Cachat, and I'm originally from Laos (although I was born in Thailand). My first language is Lao, so if you prefer to speak in Lao - contact me! Fun fact: I'm the youngest of 4 siblings and the black sheep of the family, which is why I refuse to go back home to Connecticut! I moved to Colorado in 2009 and got into the automotive industry in April of 2018. Before joining the team at Schomp, I worked in a number of fields: I was an Assistant Manager in both a Bakery and at a Fred Meyer Jewelry, and I even did some Bookkeeping for a short time. I've always been in the customer service field. I just really enjoy working with and helping people. My hobbies include doing anything outdoors. I love to hike, and I even climbed a couple of 14ers in the past, though I definitely would like to do more of them. I love spending time with my two beautiful kids and my family. My role as a Client Advisor is to help my clients to the best of my ability. As a client of mine, you will have my full attention and I will listen to your needs and do all I can to help you find what's important to you.

  • Federico Carrera
    Encore Delivery Specialist
    (720) 809-8868

    Hello everyone. My name is Federico and I am originally from Ecuador in South America, so Spanish is my first language. However, I've been here in Colorado since 1983! I first got into the automotive industry in 2016. Before this I had a very interesting career as a Photogrammetrist. I ran a Mapping Company, making topographic maps with the use of aerial photography, and I did that for 30 years.


    My favorite Subaru model is the Subaru Ascent. After all, it's the largest and most versatile Subaru ever! When it comes to my customers I treat everyone the exact same way I would like to be treated, with honesty and respect. I hope you can come to visit me at Schomp Subaru.


  • Julien Lagoutte
    Director of Fixed Ops
    (303) 794-8195

    I was born in a small town in France and moved to Colorado with my parents at the age of 12. Before joining the Schomp Automotive Group, I worked as an instructor for Master Drive. I love road racing, drag racing and dirt bike riding. On Sundays, you can find me rooting for our Denver Broncos!

  • David Dahl
    Schomp Foreman
    (720) 619-2649

    My name is Dave, and I'm originally from Montana but I moved to Colorado in 1969. I've always been known to take everything apart to see what made it work, even as a child, and to see if I could get it to work better...or at all. I started working on cars with a Master Technician at 14 years old and after high school, I attended an automotive trade school and graduated with honors and perfect attendance. I truly believe in the Subaru product and the company that stands behind it.  I've been driving them since 1987 and I currently own 6 Subarus - I entrust my family's safety to this brand on a daily basis. Outside of the dealership, I enjoy playing paintball with my sons on the weekends and also enjoy home improvement projects. I have enjoyed being with the Subaru brand for 34 years and look forward to many more.

  • Mike Catarata
    Express Service Manager
    (303) 785-0155

    Hello, my name is Mike. I am from Queens, NY and moved here to Colorado in 2020. I got into the automotive industry in 2011 and have worked in Parts, as a Technician, a Service Advisor, and a Manager. My favorite Subaru Model is the 2015 WRX because it was my first Subaru, and first introduction to 6-speed and separate chassis from traditional Impreza's. I believe in Subaru as a manufacturer and will give them the absolute best service that I can provide. 

    When I am not working, I enjoy cooking with my girlfriend, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, cycling, hiking, and weight training. I also speak Cebuano/Visayan fluently.

  • Jessica Enos
    Express Service Advisor

  • Takeshi Hirano
    Service Advisor
    (303) 785-0177

    Hello, my name is Takeshi. I was born in Chicago and raised in various places in the Midwest region. Prior to moving to Colorado in 2009, I worked as a geologist for an engineering consulting firm in Columbus, Ohio. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, hiking in the mountains, photographing wildlife, watching college basketball (the Kentucky Wildcats), and tasting what's new from local craft breweries.

  • Mathieu Whiteman
    Service Advisor
    (303) 785-0173

  • Matthew McKean
    Service Advisor
    (303) 658-1988

  • Joshua Kelley
    Service Advisor
    (303) 265-3808

    I'm Josh and I'm originally from Wasilla, Alaska. I started my career in automotive back in 2007, and I moved to Colorado in 2016. I researched opportunities for a Service Writer position and chose to join the team at Schomp because this is a down-to-earth company that is local to Colorado, and the compensation and benefits are great. Before coming to Schomp I worked for Ford for almost 7 years, and then switched to Subaru after I bought my first Subaru. I fell in love with the car and the brand, and I currently own 4 Subarus!


    I'm really passionate about cars. I love talking about them, especially the modified performance side of them. When I'm not at the dealership you will likely find me playing guitar, writing music, skateboarding, or wrenching on my own cars. If you ever want to know anything about cars inside or out, come and have a chat with me. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. I look forward to assisting you!

  • Michael Osborne
    Service Advisor
    (303) 953-7581

  • Benjamin Pinheiro
    Express Service Advisor
    (303) 785-0161

  • Tayler Winick
    Express Service Advisor
    (720) 343-3526

  • Amanda Hernandez
    Service Advisor Assistant

  • Carolyn German
    Service Advisor Assistant
    (720) 903-3212

  • Jake Daly
    WeOwe Specialist
    (720) 343-2216

    My name is Jake and I'm originally from Kansas City. I came to Colorado in 2016 and got started in the auto industry in 2018. When I'm at the dealership I give 100% effort to my guests, 100% of the time. Outside of the dealership, I'm probably enjoying my time outdoors or taking in music in one way or another. My favorite Subaru vehicle is the Subaru Forester. It has my favorite body style.

  • Ian VanDyke
    Express Service Advisor
    (303) 577-2220

  • Tiffany Bemis
    Loaner Agent
    (303) 785-0187

  • Tyler Maes
    Service Advisor
    (303) 577-2295

  • Amanda Franklin
    Service Advisor Assistant
    (303) 734-7515

  • Jared Kell
    Assistant Service Advisor
    (303) 785-0176

  • Robert Zbrzezniak
    Service Advisor Assistant


  • Yevgeniy Aspidov
    Parts Manager
    (720) 580-4299

    My name is Yev and I work in the Subaru Parts department. I moved to Colorado from Russia in 1994, and I've been here ever since. I speak Russian fluently. I started in the automotive industry in 2006 at Schomp BMW. I worked there till October 2017, then came back to Schomp a year later and started working at Subaru in October 2018. In my spare time, I like snowboarding and watching sports. My favorite teams are the Avalanche, Broncos, and Rockies.

  • Sophia Merkel
    Parts Advisor
    (720) 580-4299

    I'm Sophia, and I was born and raised here in Aurora, CO. I started my career in automotive in 2005 working at a parts store in Parker, and now I'm happy to be here in the Parts Department at Schomp Subaru. Outside of the dealership I enjoy spending time with my husband, child and the rest of my family. When it comes to Subaru models, my favorite is the Forester. It has enough power to go in the mountains but still zips through the city traffic fairly easily and it's nice and roomy inside.

  • Anna Prebyl
    Parts Advisor
    (720) 580-4299

    I'm a native of Maine but spent most of my life right here in Colorado. I have been in the parts world for almost 20 years and before I joined the Schomp Automotive family I was a store manager at Advance Auto. For fun I build Jeeps, muscle cars and ride motorcycles. I also enjoy big game hunting and fishing.

  • Ian Banister
    Parts Advisor

  • Ashley Tiffany
    Parts Advisor

  • Jon Slavin
    Parts Counter

    My name is Jon, and I'm a Colorado native who grew up here in Denver. I started my career in the Automotive industry in 2017. Before getting into this business. I was a sous chef. Most of my passions revolve around the automotive world. I have 2 cars I'm restoring and an engine rebuild I'm working on. I also enjoy building model cars, hiking, rock climbing, and long distance backpacking. My favorite Subaru is SVX L because it's an extremely unique design, has a 6 cylinder base on the EJ engine, and is the only Subaru ever made with four wheel steering. 

    I'm currently in school at MSU Denver and during my free time I'm studying to finish my degree.